Please note that the whole of this page is now under major review as it would appear that a lot of the archives have unfortunately been lost following the clearance of our former secretary’s home.

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Originally compiled by David Latham (deceased) – now under review

The History Society is gradually re-building its archive of items of interest for any member keen on historical research at the local level and in the maintenance of the record of such research. The current archive holds the collection of books, leaflets, photocopies and general interest material on behalf of the Society. These items are available to any member engaged on an area of research, either on loan or as a photocopy (if copyright allows). The archive is currently under re-compilation – we are also looking for a new home for storage.

As a Society actively engaged in preserving as much of the documented history of the villages in our area, we would be grateful for any further contributions, including old photographs of people or places, to add to the archive. All contributions would be accepted on the understanding that they would be cared for and added to the collection for the gain of all, but particularly to save them for future historians. The following list gives the items currently held as archive material.

Yelverton & District

Clearbrook in those Days by Lilian Lethbridge (1990)
Horrabridge as it was by John Rowe (1989)
Horrabridge and District part 2 – Tin/copper mines (1980)
Horrabridge and District part 3 – Churches (1981)
Horrabridge and District part 5 – Isaac Foot (1982)
St. Peter’s Church, Meavy by Rosemary Thomas (1973)
The Brief History of Yelverton by Crispin Gill (1984)
Local Plan for Yelverton/ Horrabridge/ Buckland Monachorum
A History of RAF Harrowbeer by Stephen Fryer

Yelverton & District Local History Society Newsletter Nos. 1 to 24 *
(* Nos. 1 to 9 are in photocopy form)

Milton Combe by Tamsyn Blaikie 

The Yelverton & District Local History Society also has a growing collection of leaflets, newspaper cuttings, society and parish magazines and photocopies. These are listed below:

Roundabout (Parish Magazine) for Oct 1985; Nov 1986; Sept 1988; Nov 1988; Dec 1988; Jan – Sept 1989; Dec 1989; Jan – Oct 1990
Tavistock Parish Church – Short History and Guide (photocopy)
Buckland Monachorum Miscellany
The Bridge


An Exploration of Dartmoor Antiquities by John Chudleigh (1892)(1987)
Dartmoor – Building in the National Park (1955)
Dartmoor Crosses by F.H. Starkey (1983)
Dartmoor in Pictures (1971)
Dartmoor National Park – Official Guide (1962)
Dartmoor National Park – Draft Plan 1976
Dartmoor National Plan – First review 1983 DNP – Annual Report 1984 1985
Dartmoor National Park – First review 1985 – 1986
Dartmoor National Park – First review’ 1986 – 1987
Dartmoor Legends Retold by W.L. Copley & T.H. Grant (1970s)
More Dartmoor Legends and its Customs by W.L. Copley & T.H. Grant (1970s)
Dartmoor Archaeology – Dartmoor Issue (1985)
Follow the Leat with John Robins (1982)
Follow the Leat with John Robins (Supplement to) (1983)
Prehistoric Dartmoor in its Context (DAS) (1979)
Tavistock Abbey by H.P.R. Finberg (1969)
Tavistock – The First 30 years – 1900 – 1930 (1985)
Tavistock Town Guide 1991 – 1992
Tavistock Parish Church
The Dartmoor Bibliography by Peter Hamilton-Leggett (1970)
The Dartmoor Bibliography (Supplement 1) (1974)
The Dartmoor Bibliography (Supplement 2) (1979)
The New Forests of Dartmoor by G.D. Rouse (1972)
The Princetown Branch by Anthony R. Kingdom (1979)
Tin Mines and Miners of Dartmoor by Tom Greeves (1986)
West Devon District Official Guide 1970s
West Devon District Official Guide 1984 – 1985
West Devon District Official Guide 1986 – 1987


Plymouth – A new History vol 1 by Crispin Gill (1966)


Devon and its People by W.G. Hoskins (1959)
The Devonshire Dialect by Clement Marten (1992)


Glossary of Local Population Studies (1971)
Church Moments by Brian Kemp (1985)
Cornish Mining by Brian Earl (1984)
Discovering Bells and Bell Ringing by John Camp (1958)
Land Tax Assessments by J. Gibson & D. Mills (1986)
Hearth Tax/Association Oath Rolls by J.S.W Gibson (1986)
Rainbows in the Water by Bob Davison (1986)
A Silver- Plated Spoon by John, Duke of Bedford (1959)
South West England – British Regional Geology (1975)


British Waterworks Association – AGM: The Dartmoor Catchments by R.H. Worth (1938) Dartmoor Military Ranges and training areas – A guide for walkers (1989) Dartmoor National Park – Walks leaflets: (4) – Lustleigh area (5) – Manaton area (6) – Dartmeet area (7) – Postbridge area (8) – Holne area (10) – Two Bridges area Dartmoor reprints – TDA Archaeological Notes from the Valley of the Lyd by J.Cowling & R.H. Worth (1936)
Moorstone Age part 1 by R.H. Worth (1949)
An Addendum to the Moorstone Age part 2 by E.N. Masson Phillips (1951)
Dartmoor 1788 – 1808 by Richard Hansford Worth (1941)
Rainfall in Devon 1896 – 1905 by R.H. Worth (1907)
Sixth Report of the Barrow Committee by R.H. Worth (1884)
Twelfth Report of the Dartmoor Exploration Committee by R.H. Worth (1884)
‘Twenty-sixth Report of the Barrow Committee (1907)
Sixty-Eighth Report on Barrows by R.H. Worth (1949)
The Petrography of Dartmoor and its Borders part 1 by R.H. Worth (1902)
The Petrography of Dartmoor and its Borders part 2 by R.H. Worth (1903)
The Petrography of Dartmoor and its Borders part 3 by R.H. Worth (1912)
The Petrography of Dartmoor and its Borders part 4 by R.H. Worth (1937)
The Stone Rows of Dartmoor part 1 by R. Hansford Worth (1946)
The Stone Rows of Dartmoor part 2 by R. Hansford Worth (1947)
Some Notes on Moorland Churches Part 2 by R.H. Worth (1895)
Royal Commission on Common Land – Minutes of Evidence of Dartmoor Park Authority (1957)


An Illustrated Catalogue of stocks in Great Britain by K. Spoke (photocopy)
South Devon Map (Bartholomew) (1975)


Elizabethan House by Crispin Gill


On Dating of English Houses from External Evidence by J. Smith & E. Yates (1967) (photocopy)
Family History and their Layout (1978)
Note Taking and Keeping for Genealogists (1984)
Starting Genealogy (1987)